Unveiling KUSHI

A Reverent Ode to Izakaya Tradition

Discover the essence of KUSHI, a culinary sanctuary deeply rooted in the sacred traditions of Izakaya. Transcending the ordinary, we pay homage to the art of Japanese gastropubs, where camaraderie and culinary finesse converge in perfect harmony.

Indulge in a flavor-packed journey with us, where  every cutlet  is a masterpiece. Our izakaya-style approach brings you not just a meal but a memorable experience, highlighting the culinary artistry that goes into crafting each delightful bite. Join us as we redefine the KATSU experience, making it accessible and enjoyable for all.


Our intimate setting is a reflection of the inviting warmth inherent in traditional gathering spots. At KUSHI, we intricately weave the cultural tapestry of Izakaya into every facet of our existence. Immerse yourself in an ambiance that speaks to the heart of Japanese culinary heritage. From carefully chosen decor to a meticulously curated menu, every detail contributes to a rich experience, inviting you to savor the authenticity of Izakaya culture in every visit.


At KUSHI, we believe that the key to crafting mouthwatering cutlets is listening to our valued customers. We highly value your feedback and ideas, as they help us elevate our culinary creations and provide you with an exceptional experience.

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